Natural Concentrated Fruit Juice Powder
Powderized Bio-tech Health Food Material
Powderized Special Flavor Seasoning
Drum Dried

GEN ASIA BIOTECH CO., LTD. (GAB) has adhered to the business philosophies of “quality, safety, innovation, and service” with the rigorous care and insistence on health since the establishment in 1992. The raw materials selected by GAB have gone through strict screening and are natural food materials primarily, no artificial colorants and preservatives added in process; with professional spray-drying, fluidized-bed granulation, and microencapsulation techniques, the special flavor ingredients or functional substance in the products can be blended and kept the most completely, and also enable the product flavor to be rich with true aroma. Besides highlighting the products’ savor and characteristics, we look after both the products’ sanitation and safety.

Moreover, at the part of quality control, from the purchase of raw materials, confirmation of the ingredient quality, production process to finished product output, we follow the standard operations of quality control of GHP, ISO22000:2005,HALAL and HACCP certification systems, and we expect to provide the customers satisfactory products that they can feel at ease to consume.

GEN ASIA BIOTECH CO., LTD. integrates all kinds of professional technology platforms and constantly innovates the researching and developing of new products in order to meet the demands of the times with professional process technology. Meanwhile, we offer customers more convenient and diversified supports and services to create higher value added and market competitiveness of products.  Customers’ satisfaction and trusts are always the key and goal for our company’s sustainable management.