Natural Concentrated Fruit Juice Powder
Powderized Bio-tech Health Food Material
Powderized Special Flavor Seasoning
Drum Dried

  The company was established.
  The trial run of the mass-production type spray-drying production line of the professional food powder material plant was successful and smooth, and we put into production formally.
  The development of lactobacillus mass production technology was completed.  We invested and set up the 10-ton level fermentation production line, and strode into the professional production fields of lactobacillus and bio-tech products.
  We finished researching and developing the natural fruit juice spray-drying technique to provide various high quality fruit juice powder for the food proprietors and pharmaceutical manufacturers / factories home and abroad to use.
  Finished the R&D, and the mass production of the first powderized fat & oil products in Taiwan was smooth. The fat and oil content could reach 70%, and the products mainly supplied instant noodle proprietors and powered milk proprietors. Invested in GEN FOND BIOTECH CO., LTD., which specialized in the development and manufacture of biological products/ agents; at the same time, completed building the advanced 40-ton level microorganism product/ agent professional production plant.
  Cooperated in two-year project with Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Food Industry Research and Development Institute, developed the first continuous food granulation technique in Taiwan, and GAB’s granule processing technology level was elevated substantially.
  Completed the multi-purpose spray-drying granulation production line, which specialized in manufacturing instant type granule food material and natural flavor seasoning.
  Invested and set up GMP professional dehydrated food production line for preparation of applying GMP; in the same year, completed the granule Pilot plant that could promote the granule engineering R&D strength effectively.
  Strode in the drug type health food development and OEM business, and formally undertook the product development and OEM business of several Taiwan and foreign health food proprietors; in the same year, the business department was established formally to reinforce developing and expanding GAB products and OEM business.
  Proposed GMP certification application expecting GAB to become the most professional natural food material supplier in Taiwan even in Asia, and moved forward toward the professional health food OEM field.
  Passed food GMP certification.
  Proposed the applications for double quality certifications of ISO9001: 2000 and HACCP systems to expect to improve the company’s quality system and management system even more to conform to the international trend and forge ahead toward internationalization; meanwhile, increased the brand-new equipment of tablet making machine and film-coating machine, as well as the technology.
  Formally passed ISO9001: 2000 and HACCP system double quality certifications, and acquired the certificates.
  Passed the appraisal of food GMP certification, and was upgraded to be a good-level firm.
  Increased to set up GMP level health food packing line, including the automatic bottling line, PTP automatic packing machine, powder and tablet aluminum foil sachet packing machine, and automatic labeling machine, so that, the entire service of OEM products could be more perfect.
  Proposed GMP certification application of granulation production and packing lines, expected GAB certification of every production line is more completed, and upgrade comprehensive quality control.
  Second production line passed food GMP certification once again (including fluidized-bed granulation, tablet pressing, tablet film-coating, and automatic bottle line production system certification).
  Yunlin Country, Douliu City, Technology Industrial Park, the Yunlin factory planning, production line planning including spray-drying and drum-drying.
  Yunlin factory production operation formally, importing ISO22000:2005 food safety management system in December in the  same year, expecting pass verification in April 2013.
  Formally passed ISO22000:2005 food safety management system certification, and acquired the certificate.